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Company name Solid Tool Co., Ltd.
President Hideo Tanaka
Location 5-1-12 Kamio-cho, Yao City, Osaka 581-0851, Japan
Phone: 072-925 -6333 (main)
Please send your inquiries by e-mail.
E-MAIL english@solidtool.co.jp
Business line Manufacturing of cutting tools made of cemented carbide
Manufacturing of cutting tools with brazed blades made of cemented carbide
Manufacturing of abrasive resistant bearers, punches, general jigs and tools, and others
Dealer of products from Tungaloy Corporation
Established 1972
Main customers Nabtesco Corporation
Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM), (Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group)
Hydraulic equipment manufacturers
Leading cutting tool manufacturers
Metal trading companies
Other customers using cutting tools made of cemented carbide
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shin-Ishikiri Branch


We produce and distribute carbide cutting tools such as drill bits, reamers, end mills, tool bits, burnishing tools, counterbore cutters, etc.
We provide our products to manufacturers of automobiles, transport equipment, construction machinery, farm equipment, etc., including the shipbuilding and aerospace industries. Our carbide tools are used for their production of components for automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc., as well as hydraulic equipment for construction machinery, heavy vehicles, etc.

We have full-scale production facilities on our premises, including cylindrical grinders, general tool grinders, NC tool grinders, profile grinders, high-precision CNC tool grinders, etc. These enable us to control our start-to-finish production processes by ourselves and are adaptable to customers’ requests for quick delivery.
We have a high reputation for our artisan skills in delicate edge profile machining using CNC forming grinders and general forming grinders.

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Solid Tool Corporation

5-1-12 Kamio-cho, Yao City, Osaka 581-0851, Japan

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