Burnishing reamer

The tool is mainly used in finishing multi-stage holes in aluminum and cast materials.

Machining of multi-step holes that require concentricity or coaxiality may require longer work times and lose accuracy if tools are changed several times. Using an integrated, multi-step burnishing reamer designed to match the shape of the workpiece can serve two functions at the same time, solving the problem of concentricity or coaxiality and reducing total work time. The burnishing reamer is a tool that has a flat head and requires a pilot hole in advance.

We recommend that you use a drill bit to make a pilot hole before using the reamer.

We provide the tools to hydraulic components processing companies (which process parts for hydraulic valves, motors, pumps, cartridge valves, etc.) for their machining of important hydraulic cartridge valves.

Other customers include components manufacturers in the following industries.

Precision reduction gears for industrial robots, machine tools, and joints for industrial robots for the semiconductor industry 

Railway vehicle equipment, automotive equipment, marine equipment, commercial aircraft, industrial equipment

Burnishing reamer

Cutting tools for cast iron-based materials (Fe-C alloy) and aluminum alloy machining

Straight-fluted burnishing reamer

With the advantages of straight flutes, this tool performs complex multi-step processing according to the shape of the workpiece.
This is the ideal tool for finishing multi-step holes.

High-performance, high-feed and multi-step burnishing reamer with oil holes

This high-feed burnishing reamer prevents aluminum from depositing during machining.

Adding grooves on the guide section prevents aluminum deposition. The increased 4-edge reamer improves machinability and enables high feeding.

In addition, to prevent scratches on hole surfaces caused by clogged swarf, inner oil lubrication with eight oil outlets is provided, facilitating swarf removal and eliminating scratches and swarf left-over in the holes.

This multi-step burnishing reamer is designed and produced according to the shape of customer’s workpiece to achieve the delicate finishing requirements of drawing in just one work process.

Burnishing reamer for processing stainless steel SUS303

Burnishing reamer for processing stainless steel SUS303

This tool is used for SUS303, which has relatively better machinability among stainless alloys.
This burnishing reamer places importance on the surface treatment of the 12° section on the drawing.

Introduction of burnishing reamers

Three-edge burnishing reamer
This design-registered 3-edge reamer is ideal for processing machining parts for hydraulic equipment.
The 3-edge burnishing reamer achieves a circularity tolerance less than 2 μ, improving accuracy.
Burnishing reamer for aluminum materials
Attaching a wiper blade on a burnishing reamer prevents edge buildup and significantly improves feeding speed and finishing surface smoothness.
Subland type
This type is designed to improve reshaping quality.
This shape is used for tools with a short step length of the small-diameter section in stepped burnishing drill bits.
Sublanding design enables you to extend tool life by increasing the number of reshapes.

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