FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Do you manufacturer and reshape high-speed steel cutting tools?

No, sorry, we do not deal with high-speed steel cutting tools.

Do you sell standard cutting tools?

Yes, we are dealers of Tungaloy.
We handle many Tungaloy products but also sell other brands.

Do you reshape the tools?

No, sorry, we do not accept reshaping orders.

Can you suggest carbide tools according to our materials?

Yes, we can make a proposal if you send us a rough drawing by e-mail.

Do you provide after-sales service?

Yes, if a tool does not satisfy your requirements for cutting accuracy, please return it to us. We will examine it here.
Please note that all shipping expenses are borne by you.
We do not accept reshaping orders.

How do you calculate the shipping expenses?

The shipping expenses will be charged based on the distance from our location.

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