Features of Solid Tool

We are a manufacturer of made-to-order carbide tools.

We can produce high-performance carbide tools, making optimal use of our craftsmanship with the latest polishing equipment.

Processing proposal

Coated cutting tools

The life of carbide tools has significantly improved, not only through advanced manufacturing technology, but also by coating the tool’s surface.

Without changing the toughness of the base material, coating the tool helps achieve improved hardness, wear resistance, cutting speed, and dry cutting.

Although it depends on the coating type and operating conditions, tool life may be extended up to about three times after coating treatment.

Stepped cutting tool

Formed (stepped) carbide tools can precisely finish holes in 2 to 10 steps.

One formed tool can perform H7 (JIS standard) finishing, replacing combined works using several different tools, and reducing the number of processing steps and production lead time.

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Solid Tool Corporation

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